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You can experience inaya ™ through our demo applications free. Just use username and password provided in the demo accounts table.

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inaya ™ Downloads (Small / Local Servers)

Download for Windows

System Requirements:

  • Too have best performance you are required using Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise or Newer Version. The PC to have at least 8 GB Ram and with not less than 40 GB Hard Disk Memory and not less than 1.5 GHZ processing power.

  • Make sure you Enable CPU Virtualization in Firmware Settings in Bios. To verify this, press Windows Key + R, type msinfo32 in the input field, go to system Summary, check if Hper-V Virtualization Enabled in Frameware marked "Yes" and other Hper-V components marked "Yes".

Download for Linux

System Requirements:

  • We recommend Ubuntu 18.04 distro or newer version.
    The PC with at least 8 GB Ram and with not less than 40 GB Hard Disk Memory, also with at least 1.5 GHZ processing power.

  • inaya ™ can work under minimum requirements of 4GB RAM 30GB ROM and 1.4 GHZ processing power if you are using LITE version of inaya ™. Other than that you must buy device that follows recommended requirements.

For Cloud Hosting (VPS)

If you want to host inaya ™ into VPS (Visual Private Server), we recommend the following specifications.

VPS requirements:
SSD/ HDD More than 40GB
RAM Depends on live users login at once. If you dedicate server for inaya ™ only you can buy server, and you have less than 10 live users login at once. Therefore, we recommend server with not less than 4GB RAM.
If your server hosts other systems also and you have more than 10 live users login at once, we recommend server with not less than 8GB RAM. Where dedicate not less than 4GB RAM to inaya ™ for best performance.
Operating System We recommend Linux - Ubuntu Server
Implementation Guide Please contact our sales & support team with information below.